Our Team

Creating an environment that is positive and fulfilling is important to us. People are our primary asset and we understand the need for balance between work and life. Part of this balance is allowing for telecommuting, flexible work schedules, and sabbaticals for personal growth and experience.

We are a team-oriented firm that specializes in working with owner-managed companies. Right from the beginning, our team members are involved in client meetings and interactions. We take pride in our whole team and want our clients to meet the people engaged on their files.

It is very important to our firm that we meet the needs of all of our partners and team by providing an environment that is both challenging and rewarding, while also giving our team members flexibility in working hours and schedules.

We achieve this by making it possible for working parents to balance their work/life schedules through part-time and flexible schedules and through remote access (work-at-home). This makes it possible for a healthy lifestyle balance as well as permitting our staff to stay involved in the community and their family activities.

Our goal is to make Frostiak and Leslie is a great place to work, with great people and amazing clients all within a flexible environment and a variety of work!