What our clients say about us

Marcel Lecuyer, Financial and Insurances Services

Good business people need help from other professionals when seeking sound advice for tax and business purposes. Very good accountants deal with situations that can at times be intimidating with Revenue Canada and the interpretation of tax laws.

Frostiak and Leslie have been my accountants for the past 12 years and they’re worth every penny I pay them. They are always available to answer questions and give advice. They return phone calls promptly. I appreciate their team approach. The whole staff is very friendly and approachable.

I am totally happy with the services of Frostiak and Leslie. I have highly recommended them to my children, other family members, and to clients over the years.

Jim Buchanan

We were introduced to Frostiak & Leslie through a family friend who operated his own business and recommended the firm when we began looking at a management buyout of the local branch of a national company.

From the initial meeting, through to the acquisition, Larry Frostiak and his team (specifically Angela Zarn) provided advice and guidance that helped us avoid problems and ultimately gave us a framework within which to operate our business.

They helped us with the corporate and personal structures necessary to maximize our return by recommending tax-advantaged vehicles like a holding company and family trust as well as helping with the day to day accounting issues we were faced with. Quick to respond to alternative suggestions, Frostiak & Leslie proved to be flexible in their approach and tailored their services to our specific needs and requirements. When we had questions or different ideas, a quick response and explanation was always forthcoming.

Our annual accounting review and tax filing requirements were not overly complex but were delivered quickly and professionally by various members of the firm. What can be a somewhat painful process was made to seem routine.

When it came time to sell our business, Larry and Angela again provided insight and guidance from the structure of the deal, to performing the necessary audits and providing answers through to financial questions from the purchasers. Once again, their advice in planning a tax efficient structure and disposition of the proceeds, allowed us to actually save money on their services.

While our business requirements are currently very low, we continue to look to Frostiak & Leslie as our advisors and anticipate that someday we may need their services in business once again.

Carole Sabourin 

In this day and age, it is difficult to find prompt and accurate service, where all communication is dealt with efficiently and courteously, complemented with a timely delivery of advice and information. Frostiak & Leslie undoubtedly have a stronghold on that end of business. Their professional and personal approach is second to none.

They have provided me with comprehensive advisory services regarding all aspects of accounting, including taxation as well as wealth management. I have always appreciated the fact that they talk my language – clear and concise, in layman’s terms!

In summary, Frostiak and Leslie provide efficient, accurate and professional services, clearly dedicated to customer service.