Master Your Investment in the Family Business

master your investment in the family businessAuthored by LARRY H. FROSTIAK, FCA, CFP, TEP, and JENIFER BARTMAN

Anyone who wants to understand the investment solutions available for family business owners can benefit from the advice in this book-and begin planning for a prosperous future. It is a practical guide to structuring the investment in a family business to prepare for transition-from start up to actual sale or transfer. Learn how to:

  • Use growth-oriented strategies to maximize wealth creation over a longer term
  • Use tax-advantaged structures at the outset, to maximize your investment in the business
  • Defer taxes for as long as possible and at transition
  • Minimize taxes on money transferred from the business to yourself
  • Use tax-efficient income splitting opportunities with family members
  • Maximize the contributions of both family and non-family members working in the business
  • Fund the owner’s retirement income and realize on the equity invested in the business
  • Reduce risk by planning for crisis situation

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